All soaps sold by Dapper Dragon Soaps are hand made. We start with high quality oils and other materials to ensure a luxurious end product. In addition to the soap itself, our products may contain emollients and humectants to pamper the skin, as well as essential and fragrance oils for a pleasing scent.

Shaving Soap

These soaps are used with a traditional shaving brush to create a thick, protective lather for a superior shave. Whatever your gender, once you've experienced the pleasure of shaving with an old fashioned shaving soap or cream, you'll never want to go back to aerosol cans again.

Bath Soap

Dapper Dragon bath soaps are effective enough for whole-body cleaning, but mild enough for use as a facial soap. Our soaps use a blend of olive oil, coconut oil and lard to create a soft, nourishing lather that feels great on your skin. Added glycerin increases the humectant properties.