Eric Honaker

Eric Honaker

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On September 22nd, Dapper Dragon will release its fall scent for 2014, Autumn Morning.

For the first of our regular seasonal scents, I have released Strawberry Lemonade, and it's live now at the Etsy Store!

We received our 100th order faster than I had ever anticipated. To celebrate this milestone, I'm having a sale!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014 10:49

Dapper Dragon Soap - Now in Tubs

I got my order of tubs in, and they're ready to go!

Friday, 02 May 2014 15:00

Shipping Policies

Shipping Policies

Dapper Dragon soaps ships via United States Postal Service. One- and two-item orders are generally sent in a padded mailer to cut down on costs while protecting the merchandise. At three or more items, I switch to Priority Mail flat-rate boxes.

International Shipping

It is an unfortunate truth that shipping anything over the ocean is extremely expensive, and shipping to Canada or Mexico is only a little bit better. However, I will do my best to keep costs down as much as possible.

International Group Buys

If a group of users in a foreign country are interested in organizing a group buy, I'm open to the idea as well. I think it's the best option for an international order larger than a handful of items, for both you and me. I'll ship to you in the most cost-effective way, and charge you my shipping costs, including packing materials and time.

There are just a few requirements before I'd consider it:

  1. 10+ piece order
  2. No reselling. This is a group buy, not a wholesale agreement.
  3. I will want to see the names and orders of each member of the group buy. 
  4. One member of the group will be designated to make the payment and accept shipment.
  5. You may need to wait for new batches of soap to be made, depending on the number and varieties of soaps requested. Before we agree, I'll provide an estimate for the amount of time required to fill your order.

If you have a group that would like to purchase Dapper Dragon, send me a message through the contact page.

There are some big changes on the way at Dapper Dragon.

Sunday, 20 April 2014 22:40

Stock is back on all regular scents

I now have soaps in stock on the Etsy store for all of our regular scents.

Tonight I added 12 pucks of Blood Orange.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014 12:13

Not Enough Vanilla In The Jasmine & Vanilla

Well, the results are in, and they are unanimous. The Jasmine & Vanilla needs more vanilla.

The full size pucks sold out today - but there are still plenty of the smaller ones. The 3.25oz pucks actually cost slightly less per oz, as an apology for messing them up. I'll focus on restocking other lower scents, first.

Thursday, 20 March 2014 11:26


According to USPS, the first few packages are either delivered, or out for delivery. I'm very excited, but also nervous. I can't wait to hear what (if anything) people have to say about my soap.

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