Tuesday, 13 October 2015 13:08

New Scents for Fall 2015

AutumnMorningTubFor our Fall scent this year, we went back to last year and brought back a favorite.

When September of 2015 rolled around, we hadn't been in business for long, and not many people knew about us. Because of that, our fall scent, Autumn Morning, wasn't very widely appreciated. It's still one of our favorites, so we decided to bring it back for an encore.

Autumn Morning combines the rich smell of coffee with Brazil nuts, spicy dry leaves, late blooming lily, green notes and sweet citrus for a scent to keep you warm as the frost starts to form.

Autumn Morning is available as shaving soap, bath soap, and Scale Polish aftershave gel. The scent will be available through the winter solstice.


In addition to the limited edition scent, we've also added a Pumpkin Spice fragrance in shave soap, bath soap and scale polish.

Pumpkin Spice and Autumn Morning shave soaps are also available at Maggard Razors.

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Friday, 12 December 2014 12:11

Dapper Dragon Wassail is coming!

Waes Hail!

Wassailing is an old tradition of drinking and caroling that comes to us from the British Isles. On Twelfth Night, groups of carolers would visit houses (or orchards, in some regions) to sing songs and wish the health of their neighbors. Recipes for the mulled drink wassail varied from family to family and region to region.

For our Winter 2014 seasonal scent, Dapper Dragon wants to wish you "waes hail" with our shaving soap based on my family's wassail recipe.

Dapper Dragon Wassail combines sweet orange, cranberry and apple with cloves and cinnamon for a warm Yuletide scent.

Wassail will be released Saturday, 12/13/2014, Price $14.00

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For the first of our regular seasonal scents, I have released Strawberry Lemonade, and it's live now at the Etsy Store!

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