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Dapper Dragon Scents

One of the things I enjoy most about soaping is finding and designing scents to enjoy. For our shaving soap line, I hope to create a mix of traditional scents, and a few less common ones thrown in for variety. Our scents may be made up of essential oils (EO), fragrance oils (FO), or a mix. If you have any concerns about which oils are which (such as allergies) please don't hesitate to contact us.

I think of our scents as belonging to these groups.

Premium Scents

The scents in this category are custom blended, and contain a large number of scents. They cost a bit more to reflect the more labor intensive nature, but not much.

I also plan to offer seasonal and special occasion scents - they will fall into this category as well.

  • Dapper Dragon Signature* (EO & FO) - The signature scent of the line. An old fashioned barbershop sort of smell, with a twist. Lemon, lime and blood orange combine with cantaloupe for a bright top end, supported by soothing oakmoss, spicy lavandin, and fiery black pepper. Used in: Shaving Soap, Bath Soap
  • Ice Wyrm (EO & FO) - Peppermint coolness meets rosemary and black pepper. It's not a menthol bomb - just a pleasant tingle from the double-distilled peppermint EO. Used In: Shaving Soap
  • Arctic Wyrm (EO & FO) - Arctic Wyrm uses our Ice Wyrm scent blend, but adds menthol to the soap for an extra cooling sensation. Used in: Shaving Soap
  • Lavender Lizard* (FO) - Lavender and vanilla are the forefront of this scent, with supporting notes of oakmoss and pepper. Used in: Shaving Soap
  • Green Dragon (EO & FO) - a complex scent that evokes the image of a forest full of growing things. Cedar and bergamot blend with leather, rosemary and lily of the valley for a heady aroma. Used in: Shaving Soap
  • Black Dragon (EO & FO) - Intentionally created as a move away from the sweetness of most of our scents. Black Dragon mixes earthy vetiver and sweet orange, with supporting notes of cardamom, anise and musk. Used in: Shaving Soap


Dapper Dragon Basics scents are made up of one or two oils (fragrance or essential) in a simpler configuration.

  • Blood Orange (FO) - Blood orange and a medley of other citrus fruits hit the tangy citrus note we all seem to crave without being one more variation on lemon or lime. Used in: Shaving Soap
  • Jasmine & Vanilla* (FO) - Jasmine and vanilla combine into a heady and intriguing floral scent. Constructed at the urging of my wife and daughter, the resulting concoction is suitable for all genders. Used in: Shaving Soap, Lotion Bars
  • Cinnamon Bun* (FO) - Spicy cinnamon, butter, sugar and vanilla create the scent of a sticky hot cinnamon bun. A sweet treat for a morning shave. Used in: Shaving Soap
  • Watermelon (FO) - An intense watermelon scent, but not too sweet. Reminds me of an upscale watermelon candy, or a watermelon smoothie. Used in: Shaving Soap, Lotion Bars, Bath Soap
  • Pomegranate (FO) - Sweet pomegranate candy, an excellent blend of tart and sweet. Used in: Shaving Soap, Lotion Bars
  • Mixed Berries (FO) - A pleasant combination of rasberry, strawberry and blackberry. In its incarnation as a lotion bar, it's paired with smooth white chocolate. Used in: Bath Soap, Lotion Bars
  • Unscented - This soap contains no fragrance or essential oils. Whether you prefer not to be distracted, or your skin just doesn't get along well with fragrances, we have you covered. Used in: Shaving Soap, Bath Soap

Seasonal and Limited Edition Scents

Starting with Summer 2014, Dapper Dragon will be offering a limited time scent each season. The scents' availability will run from the beginning to the end of each season according to the solar calendar: summer from the summer solstice to the autumnal equinox. Autumn from the equinox to winter solstice, etc.

  • Winter 2014: Wassail - Dapper Dragon wants to wish you "waes hail" with our shaving soap based on my family's wassail recipe. Wassail combines sweet orange, cranberry and apple with cloves and cinnamon for a warm Yuletide scent.
  • Fall 2014: Autumn Morning* - I wanted to evoke the feeling of sitting on a quiet morning, having a cup of coffee, watching the seasons change. Coffee with Brazil nuts blends with fallen leaves and green notes. Late blooming lily and bergamot add a bit of brightness.
  • Summer 2014: Strawberry Lemonade - For our first Summer Scent, we chose the fruity, refreshing taste of strawberry lemonade. It's a summertime staple from drive-in burger stands to fancy restaurants. In addition to the delicious combination of lemon and strawberry, this soap adds a mild kiss of menthol for those hot days.

Custom Scents

If you've been searching for a particular scent that no one seems to make, or envision a signature scent that's yours alone, drop us a line. Maybe we can make something happen. Costs will vary based on reusability, volume, and the cost of the components. Just head to the Etsy store and click "Request Custom Order" to start a conversation with me.

Some custom soaps we've created:

  • Cherry Limeade
  • Pineapple Punch
  • Sandalwood
  • Watermelon
  • Tiramisu
  • Sweet Orange & White Chocolate


* Fragrances marked with a * contain vanilla. Vanilla fragrance oils can discolor soap anywhere from a slight off-white to a medium tan. This is perfectly normal, and does not affect the soap's use or shelf life.

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