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Cinnamon Buns Every Morning, A New Contender, and Tubs on the Way!

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There are some big changes on the way at Dapper Dragon.

Our first Contender, Cinnamon Bun, was a pretty big hit. Who doesn't like a cinnamon bun? I'm happy to say that the positive response means that Cinnamon Bun has become our latest regular scent. Full sized pucks are available in the Etsy store now.

That leaves the contender spot open, and I've filled it with Sandalwood. This particular sandalwood fragrance oil also contains hints of vanilla and musk for a robust but soothing version of sandalwood. They have also gone up in the Etsy store.

Finally - you asked for it and we listened. I have been evaluating samples and have arrived at a decision regarding tubs for our soaps. I'm going with a low-profile, black plastic double-walled tub. It fits nicely in the hand, and has a sleek appearance.

SOTD with Tub

I've considered a lot of different options for selling and packing them. I believe I shall make a portion of them available empty. The rest I will fill with soap as its made, rather than selling that soap as individual pucks. At this time, I still plan to sell pucks as refills. The exact percentage of soaps that come as pucks versus filled tubs will probably be fine-tuned as sales data accumulates.

The tubs will add to the price and the cost of shipping, but not overwhelmingly so. I hope you'll agree with me that the convenience and appearance make up for a small increase in price.

I'm pretty excited about the new changes coming. I hope you are, too.

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