Bath Soaps


Dapper Dragon bath soaps are a change from mass produced commercial bars. They are made from natural oils and vegetable-derived additives, and never use detergents, chemical degreasers or surfactants.

Our bath soaps can be purchased at our Etsy Store.

In addition to our usual scents, we sometimes play around with more experimental scents in our bath soaps.


I intentionally kept the formula for our bath soaps simple.

  • Lard - Lard, or pig tallow, creates a hard soap with a copious, luxurious lather.
  • Olive Oil - Olive oil soaps have a lower, slippery lather that treats the skin very well. In addition, olive oil that isn't turned to soap helps protect the skin.
  • Coconut - Coconut oil makes a soap that creates bubbly lather with strong cleaning properties. We add a small amount of coconut oil to make our soap effective, but not so much that it strips the skin of important oils.
  • Glycerin - Glycerin is a natural side effect of the soap making process. In order to take advantage of its beneficial properties, additional, vegetable sourced glycerin is added. Glycerin boosts the production of lather, but that's just a side effect. Its main job in our soap is as a humectant. It absorbs and bonds to the water you use to make lather, allowing your skin to benefit from it as the glycerin is absorbed.
  • Sodium Lactate - A small amount of sodium lactate is used to improve the texture of the soap and to produce a harder, longer-lasting product.

Directions for Use

Natural soap may take a bit more water or a bit more rubbing than detergent bars. If you're primarily used to these products, be sure to use plenty of water for the best lather.

When washing your hands, scrub them together for at least one minute for optimal cleaning and germ-fighting.

When not in use, place your soap in a location where it can dry without being regularly doused with water. Outside the shower, or on a high shelf which is not hit by the spray is optimal. A soap dish with raised ridges or a grate is best, as it prevents the soap from sitting in its own drained water. Allowing the soap to dry when not in use will keep your soap around longer.