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  • New products coming in October! - Written on Wednesday, 28 September 2016 14:35

    Welcome to Fall!

    Fall is one of my favorite seasons. The air gets crisp and the smell of turning leaves fills the air. So to celebrate my favorite season's return, I'm going to bring back two scents that have also been favorites.

    Returning Shaving Scents - Available 10/1

    Autumn Morning

    Autumn Morning is perhaps my favorite scent I've ever made. The coffee, dry leaves and lilies just smell like fall to me. It seems that the same is true for many of you - our poll on the subject was overwhelmingly in favor of the return of Autumn Morning.


    People really liked Ouroboros! I was surprised, but gratified. And I have listened. I've been getting ready to release the scent again, this time with a full line. Bath soap, shaving soap, and Scale Polish are all planned, and lotion is a possibility, if people are interested.

    Ouroboros combines sandalwood, sweet orange, and Egyptian musk for a warm scent.

    New Bath Soaps

    We've expanded our bath soap line, to include some scents that were honestly long overdue.

    • Sakura
    • Helios
    • Lavender
    • Bubbly Wubbly Soapy Woapy Stuff in light blue, with an apple/rose scent.

    Tiamat and Signature bath soaps are also being restocked.

    Announcing Scale Polish Samples

    We'll now be offering samples of our popular Scale Polish line of aftershave gels. Quarter-ounce samples will be $2.50.

  • Summer Product Announcements! - Written on Monday, 27 June 2016 17:00

    We'll be adding some new scents and products to the line-up, starting 7/1!

  • Spring Announcements! - Written on Sunday, 20 March 2016 22:52

    Spring Updates

    It's nice to be out of the winter cold and start seeing the sun come out. Here in Minnesota we still see a bit of snow in March, but the lake is thawed and the yard is clear. It feels nice to go out without a jacket sometimes.

  • New Scents for Fall 2015 - Written on Tuesday, 13 October 2015 13:08

    AutumnMorningTubFor our Fall scent this year, we went back to last year and brought back a favorite.

    When September of 2015 rolled around, we hadn't been in business for long, and not many people knew about us. Because of that, our fall scent, Autumn Morning, wasn't very widely appreciated. It's still one of our favorites, so we decided to bring it back for an encore.

    Autumn Morning combines the rich smell of coffee with Brazil nuts, spicy dry leaves, late blooming lily, green notes and sweet citrus for a scent to keep you warm as the frost starts to form.

    Autumn Morning is available as shaving soap, bath soap, and Scale Polish aftershave gel. The scent will be available through the winter solstice.


    In addition to the limited edition scent, we've also added a Pumpkin Spice fragrance in shave soap, bath soap and scale polish.

    Pumpkin Spice and Autumn Morning shave soaps are also available at Maggard Razors.

  • 2015 Summer Line-Up! - Written on Tuesday, 09 June 2015 08:44

    This summer, some changes are coming to the Dapper Dragon Soaps line up. As usual, we're aiming for the Summer Solstice, June 21st, for the changes.

    Summer Limited Edition

    It's almost time for the summer limited edition scent. This year's scent is called Festival. It combines summer blooming flowers, summer fruit, and an intriguing base of smoke and gunpowder to evoke the feeling of summer festivals around the world. Here in the US, when you think of fireworks, you can't help but think of Independence Day. Fireworks also feature in music festivals, sporting events and more, from LA to Kyoto. Festival will be available as shaving soap, bath soap, and Scale Polish aftershave gel. Keep your eyes open for more information!

    New Scents For the Line

    We're adding new scents to the regular line up, and in keeping with the season they include some light, refreshing varieties. Each scent will be a shaving soap and bath soap. Each scent with the exception of White Chocolate Orange will also be available as Scale Polish.

    1. Coconut, Lime & Verbena - Coconut and lime are the stars of this scent, and create a mixture reminiscent of beaches and tropical drinks. Verbena adds a woody, citrusy undertone and ties the scent together.
    2. Cucumber Melon - This popular combination can be found all over the personal care world. A light, refreshing fragrance, and a pleasant way to start your day.
    3. White Chocolate Orange - This was originally a custom order for Windsor Citrus from the Path to Smoothness blog. But it gets so much interest every time it's mentioned that I had to try it out as a regular offering. White chocolate fragrance oil blends with sweet orange essential oil for a sweet olfactory treat. But don't eat it, even if you bang it on the table first.
    4. Scylla (maybe) - Scylla will be a maritime scent with east Mediterranean influences. This one's not quite ready, yet, so I don't want to promise it for the 21st, but that's the target.

    Saying Goodbye to Old Friends

    There are a few scents in our current line up that aren't selling anymore, or which haven't taken off, yet. Cinnamon Bun and Pomegranate will not be remade after the current stock is exhausted. Green Tea and Bergamot is still fairly new, but it may not be part of the line-up long term.

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